Fast internet for Basingstoke - including Hatch Warren, Beggarwood
Cufaude Village (Chineham), Ibworth and Folly Farm and Hannington!

NEW! Hannington (Hants) now covered by HiWiFi service!

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer service to residents of parts of Hannington. Do get in touch if you live in Hannington and are frustrated with slow broadband or the infamous 'Hannington Buzz' on your phone line.

For many years, parts of Basingstoke, including Hatch Warren, Beggarwood and Chineham have been in the Internet slow lane. We are a long way from the exchange and there are certain parts of the town which the big communication providers just don't seem to be interested in.

But now there's a solution that fills in the gaps that other providers have left. Here at HiWiFi, we are able to offer high-speed Internet to parts of Basingstoke. Specifically we offer service to Hatch Warren, Beggarwood, Chineham Ibworth, Folly Farm (Kingsclere Estates) and now the village of Hannington, where people have historically been struggling to get speeds above 1 Mb per second. However, we are able to cover a lot of Basingstoke so even if you are not in our published coverage area do drop us a line by email or ring us.

Using state-of-the-art wireless equipment, we can provide a variety of Internet services using short-range radio links to your house or business.

We do need to do a survey before we can confirm availability of the service, but assuming all is well, you could be surfing the Internet at up to 16 Mbit per second.

For a free survey to check availability, please e-mail your address, including house number and postcode to and we will be in touch.